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Day 7

  And here comes the day of Gala Finale. And there are more rehearsals. And here are the final touches, light, stage, camera and action! Celebrity judges, hosts, all the tickets are sold out. National costumes, celebrity performances, bikini catwalk,


Day 6

The contest final is coming soon. And very soon we will know the name if the winner….Are you ready? Our contestants are ready! From very early morning they went to the stage for the finale rehearsal with whole team of


Day 5

And here is more day of “Miss Volga 2017” and one more interim stage.  “Miss National Costume” – all contestants will present the national consumes of their cities and regions. It is one of the brightest parts of the contest,


Day 4

One of the most long-awaited and most “hungry” contest – “Miss Bikini”. So many uneaten dinners and hours in the gym but beauty worth all the sacrifice. This year we decide to hold the contest not on the bank of