Final “Miss Volga 2015”

The whole night 6 August was spent constructing the stage. The last technical rehearsal for the contest was held early in the morning on 7 August. For the contestants the day began at 9 am with breakfast, and then they went straight to the MTL Arena to begin rehearsing with the hosts of the show – Ivan Nikolayev and Sofia Kashtanova. They had to keep rehearsing until lunchtime.

While the girls were having lunch, the sound check for artists took place on stage.
Last-minute instructions were given to the directors, choreographers and costume designers, and then the final rehearsal began. The place was completely transformed: with the lighting, sound, and video effects, and the girls stayed very calm – you would never have known how anxious they were. After the final rehearsal, preparations began for the most exciting and special event – the Miss Volga 2015 finale!
The stylists and makeup artists were very professional in the way they worked with the contestants: time was limited, but they didn’t let this bother them. The contestants were ready on time. For this special thanks must go to the Natalia Kalaus image laboratory and the Estetista style and make-up school which works with the professional make-up brand Eva Garden.

Dressers helped behind the scenes with the organisation. The director of the show gave last-minute instructions to everyone involved in the final performance. At 8 pm the MTL Arena began to fill with guests: the press, representatives of modelling agencies, relatives and friends of the participants and spectators who wanted to watch a beautiful show. Members of the jury took their seats. Among them were: Svetlana Listopadova (publisher of Melon Rich), Frank Robert Hitzer (director of publishing house “Burda”), Anna Sedokova (pop singer, TV presenter, actress), Igor Gulyaev (Russian designer, TV presenter, innovator in fur fashion), Julia Kalmykova (head of the network of evening fashion salons, TopDress), Alena Sevostyanova (director of the shop “Defi*le”)

At 9.30 pm the lights in the hall were dimmed, and the contest began with a gorgeous video show of special effects, after which the Miss Volga 2015 finalists were invited on to the stage one by one. The first catwalk – “Presentation of the contestants” – was in the symbolic white and red colours of the main sponsor: the modelling agency Casta Model Management. The girls’ shoes were provided by the participating partner of the contest – the company Carlo Pazolini.

The DJ Leonid Rudenko took charge of all the music. The second catwalk presentation – “National costume display” – was lovely to watch.

Each contestant presented her city and its region in their unique traditional dress. At this point, the judges had to make an important decision: to select ten finalists.

The singer Angel Yos then took the stage and performed three songs.

Next was the hottest presentation everyone had been waiting for: “Catwalk in swimwear.” Swimwear for the competition was provided by partner of the competition – the company De*file. For this they deserve a special thank-you. The girls looked stunning!

The organizers of the competition were then asked to bring the envelope with the jury’s final decision up to the stage.
The ten finalists were:
Yana Spirkova, Veronika Trofimova, Maria Zvereva, Yana Dobrovolskaya, Julia Tikhonova, Regina Minacheva, Anastasia Volova, Anna Puminova and Angelina Samokhina.

After the announcement of the finalists the singer Danzel took the stage and whipped up the spectators’ excitement with his performance, while backstage preparations were in full swing for the intelligence test of the ten finalists. The presenters then invited these girls, deemed by the jury to be the top ten contestants, onto the stage. They came out wearing gorgeous evening dresses from the new Jovani collection, whose official representative in Russia is the company TopDress. Their jewellery was provided by Arkhipova Jewellery.

One by one, each contestant was called out, so the jury and audience could get to know them better and ask them challenging questions. At the same time, the contestants’ business cards were displayed on the screen.

After the intelligence test, the contestants went backstage to prepare for the last catwalk and to wait for the announcement of the winner’s name. At this point, the jury was engaged in a lively discussion, making their decision.

After a short break all the Miss Volga 2015 contestants stepped out on to the stage in evening dresses. The organizers announced the names of the contestants who had won complementary nominations from the competition partners. These were:
Yulia Tikhonova – “Miss Egomania”; Anastasia Nesterova – “Miss Bikini from Defi*le Store”, and, the contestant who received the most votes on the Woman’s Day portal: Daria Martynenko.

And then came the big moment everyone had been waiting for – an envelope was brought on-stage containing the names of the three winners. Frank Robert Hitzer, director of the publishing house “Burda”, was invited on stage to announce the second runner-up. He read out the name: the second Miss Volga runner-up was Regina Minacheva, from Ulyanovsk!

To announce the first runner-up, the designer Igor Gulyaev was invited on-stage. The crown for the first Miss Volga runner-up went to Yana Spirkova of Petrozavodsk!

Finally, to announce the name of the over-all winner, Anna Sedokova was invited on to the stage and she announced that the new Miss Volga 2015 would be Maria Zvereva, representing the city of Perm. Roya Bayramova, Miss Volga 2014, passed the crown to its new owner – Maria Zvereva.

Maria – or Masha as she is known to friends and family – has just finished grade 11 and is getting ready to enter medical school next year, as she has plans to become a dentist. This year, she will devote herself to working for Casta Model Management in Russia and internationally. There are a lot of projects on Masha’s schedule, and we will be closely following her progress.

Gifts from the competition partners were presented to the winners and finalists. The partners were Egomania, Defi*le, Carlo Pazolini, Philips, Eva Garden, Restar Agency, Christine Kapitanaki, and Divage. The contest’s main sponsor, the international modelling agency Casta Model Management, presented the second Miss Volga runner-up Regina Minacheva a cheque for US$ 5,000, the first runner-up, Yana Spirkova, a cheque for US$ 10,000, and the winner of the 2015 Miss Volga title, Maria Zvereva, the main prize – a brand new Nissan Juke car. Throughout the year, all the girls will be working in the modelling agency Casta Model Management in Moscow and taking part in the agency’s international projects, fashion weeks and other activities. The selection for Miss Volga 2016 has already begun; applications may be submitted online to www.missvolga.com – click on “About” and then “Apply”. We are all waiting for next year! Follow our news!