“Miss Volga 2015” Day 3

Every day of the contest was very full and productive; the contestants had a lot of rehearsals and almost no free time. The girls spent the whole day rehearsing and preparing for the “Miss Disco” competition.

Unlike all the previous years, this year we have changed the format of the competition “Miss Disco.” Participants no longer danced individually in a free style to unknown music. The Production Management Committee decided to put on a rehearsed dance battle between contestants. The participants were divided into groups of ten people and they came out on stage with the same dance. Two groups of five girls competed on stage at the same time. The girls spent only a few hours practicing with dance choreographer Maria, who was in charge of all of their performances.

Opinions were divided among the jury; they debated hotly over who to choose. To select just one was extremely difficult. The result was that first place was taken by Anastasia Morozova, from the Republic of Crimea. Masha charmed the jury with her acrobatics, stretching and dance training. The competition was held at the restaurant Yar bar. After the competition, there were photoshoots and guests were able to enjoy the meal and the opportunity to chat with the press.