“Мисс Волга 2015” Day 2

The day started early: with a 9.00 am breakfast at the Renaissance Hotel.

After breakfast, each contestant was given a contestant number by lucky-dip, after which rehearsals started and were girls preparing for the contest “Miss Disco”.

In groups, all the contestants perfected their dancing skills under the guidance of Maria, the manager of the Production Management Committee.

The official photoshoot carried on. After that contestants spent an hour for the final rehearsal. For lunch, there was literally twenty minutes, no more. Ten contestants were chosen for the photoshoot for the automobile brand, and filming took place in one of the city’s parks.

In the evening, the first competition took place: “Miss Intellect”. Each participant was given a form with fifteen questions and very little time. The first three questions had to be answered correctly. They received one point for speed. The questions were very complex. For example, the number of independent countries on the political map of the world, or the name of the author of the book the “History of Russia.”

There were three finalists chosen out of five, who had almost the same score. The girls scored on average 7-7.5 points. The finalists were asked some basic questions, which were prepared by the jury and the guests.

The crown of “Miss Intellect” was won by Dobrovol’skaya Jana (Tyumen). Congratulations to Jana with the title of the smartest contestant.