“Miss Volga 2017” Day 2

On the second day of the contest our participants learned a lot of new and interesting information about the city. “Miss Volga” was held in Yaroslavl for the first time this year. Sightseeing tour with a guide, embankments of the Volga River, beautiful churches and planetarium were so fascinating for everyone, so time just got away.

And no matter if it was not typical summer weather our contestants still enjoyed their photo shooting under the rain. After exciting sightseeing tour our girls got back to the hotel, preparing for the “Miss Intelligent” contest.

Next half of the day was devoted for the evening preparations. Contestants refreshed their knowledge about culture and aspects of life.

Hair and makeup were retouched after the rain, because our girls must also be beautiful, not only clever. Our contestants were really worried that evening because it was the 1st interim stage of “Miss Volga 2017” and a chance to win the first crown of the contest.

Directors of “Miss Volga”, organizers, guests and incredibly beautiful contestants dressed in stunning evening gowns and contest sashes gathered together for a contest of creativity, ingenuity and intelligence. Contestants received 15 questions and they had only 10 minutes for considering. After counting the correct answers judges chose top-7 contestants. Those girls moved to the next round of the contest.

At this round each contestant was invited to the center of the hall and answered to the tricky questions from judges and guests. The winner was chosen.

Lilia Loginova – is a perfect example of a combination of intellect and beauty. The title “Miss Intelligence” was successfully won by beauty from the city of Pskov! Our congratulations! Lilia received gifts from our partners: a tablet, from the general sponsor Casta Model Management and other memorable gifts. A long, interesting and intense day came to an end, but there are a lot of exciting moments were waiting for our beauties.