“Miss Volga 2017” Day 5

And here is more day of “Miss Volga 2017” and one more interim stage. “Miss National Costume” – all contestants will present the national consumes of their cities and regions. It is one of the brightest parts of the contest, a huge concentration of beauty and colors in the same place.

For past few days our contestants had no free time but mostly rehearsals, rehearsals and more rehearsals. So after spending first half of the day with the stage director, girls started their preparations for the evening “Miss National Costume” contest.

It was a fabulous and incredible atmosphere, because almost all the costumes were handmade by our contestants and it showed the history of each region. After discussion judges chose top-15 beauties who made the most interesting presentation of the national costume. Many of the girls impressed our guests and judges with history, knowledge of English and also with lot of talents.

And here it is top-3 leaders! 1st-runner up of “Miss National Costume” is Zulfiya Sarifulina (The Republic of Tatarstan), 2nd runner up is Daria Hohlova (Perm).

And the winner of “Miss National Costume” is beautiful Arina Gladkova (Rostov-on-Don). This wonderful day ended with dinner in an incredible friendly atmosphere.