“Miss Volga 2017” Day 6

The contest final is coming soon. And very soon we will know the name if the winner….Are you ready? Our contestants are ready! From very early morning they went to the stage for the finale rehearsal with whole team of organizers. Stage decorating, lights and sound check is work of very professional team. For all day long our pretty girls had rehearsal on the huge and beautiful stage of Millennium concert hall.

The picture of “Miss Volga 2017” finale should be perfect so all organizers, stage directors, sound directors were preparing for all day long and finished only by the evening. The last evening at the contest has to be full of love and friendship atmosphere, so everyone left to the dinner together.

This evening contestants had the warmest, friendliest and the last interim contest – “Miss Friendship”. Over the dinner our girls chose their favorite contestant, they decide the most open hearted, attentive and kind girl in their opinion.

During the contest preparations there were a lot of situations between our contestants, able to show their well-being, attention and provide support at the right time.

Eugenia Matveeva received a huge support from all the girls and won the title of “Miss Friendship”. After such emotional evening and receiving memorable gifts, everyone left to make the last preparations. And then sleep and rest, because tomorrow- is the finale day!